Church is something set apart, holy, sacred. Church aims to be different than what we see in our life every other day of the week. But too often the elements of the church service are relegated only to church itself – prayer, Biblical study, and worship. Bringing these elements home can enrich life.

The idea behind Hymns at Home started when we were searching for free, accessible recordings of hymns to play for our children. Children memorize quickly, especially songs. We were unable to find a set of the great hymns sung clearly as to be easily understood by all ages. There are many beautiful recordings out there, but piecing them together from different sources seemed unwieldy. And most importantly to us, the majority were unavailable for free download for listening offline. Certainly if our family needed this resource, so did others.

Hymns at Home hopes to provide a set of free hymns to download and stream that can be enjoyed and memorized anywhere, any day of the week.

How to listen and download

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