Bringing Hymns Home Why & How

Why bring hymns home?

The text of hymns often reflect theological truths hymn writers were expressing as a way to strengthen faith, or as a way to counter heresies. Most hymns incorporate scripture and are based on Biblical truths.

The beauty of the text and tune of hymns can inspire us. Music elicits our emotions and reminds of us our beautiful God and His beautiful works.

Singing hymns is a good way to internalize Biblical truths. It is a good way to memorize words that can be a comfort and guide in times of trial, or a song of praise in times of joy.

It is also commanded to praise the Lord in song.

Praise the Lord! Sing to the Lord a new song. Sing his praises in the assembly of the faithful. Psalm 149:1

Sing a new song to the Lord! Sing his praises from the ends of the earth! Sing, all you who sail the seas, all you who live in distant coastlands. Isaiah 42:10

Singing hymns is good.

How to bring hymns home

Download the hymns to an mp3 player, iPod or phone and listen in the car. This is a key way our family has enjoyed hymns and seen them take root in our children. We will often hear them singing the hymns at other times or able to sing the words during church despite being unable to read the text.

Add hymns to a daily Morning Time with children. You can listen to a hymn over the course of a month, adding one verse at a time until you are fluent with all the verses. You can also review hymns that you have already learned to keep them fresh in your mind.
Choosing hymns that are sung regularly at your worship services can help your children connect what you are doing at home with corporate worship. More about adding hymns to your morning time.

Add hymns to personal devotion time by singing once a day over the course of a week. Do a hymn study of the text by researching scripture references and historical context.

Stream or download hymns for children to listen to during quiet time. Downloading the songs will keep listening ad free and offline.

Sing hymns before bedtime. Rotate hymns or pick one as a family hymn to sing every night. Our nightly hymn is And Can It Be That I Should Gain.

Other ways you are incorporating hymns in your home? Let us know.

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