There are a lot of resources for listening to hymns. The goal of Hymns at Home is to create simple sung recordings of hymns where the music serves the the text – words can clearly be heard to aid in learning the words of the hymns. But once hymns are learned, a beautiful and stylistic performance can be enjoyed perhaps even more than before. Additionally, once a hymn is known and loved, there are sites that can provide more information about hymn stories.

Here are some good resources we have found to enjoy hymns at home.


  • Discipleship Ministries of The United Methodist Church
    This website has over 500 quality hymn histories and hymn studies.
  • The Lutheran Quartet
    A capella recordings of a number of hymns. Available to listen online or download.
    Provides information on hymn writer and composer, free sheet music and PDF’s of the hymn from a variety of hymnals.
  • Cyberhymnal or NetHymnal
    Vast database of over 10,000 hymns. Provides hymn history, full texts, and MIDI’s of tunes (no recordings). This website is comprehensive so we often use this as our primary source for hymn information, though not for hymn listening.
  • Center for Church Music presents Songs & Hymns
    Searchable database of choral recordings of hymns. Available to listen online and download. Includes hymn study devotional and hymn history.



We also listen to professional recordings of hymns for free using Spotify.
Hymns at Homes favorite performances/performers of hymns:


These are just a few of many resources. If you have any suggestions, please share it with us.

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