Record a Hymn

Hymns at Home aims to be a collaborative effort.
Help us build our hymn library.

How to record hymns with only an iPad or Mac:

  • Download the app GarageBand.
  • Use the app’s Audio Recorder to create a recording.
  • You will want your voice to be quite near to the device’s microphone, while the instrument may need to be farther away as to not drown out the vocals. You can even record the instrument and voice separately and adjust the volume of each track (find a YouTube tutorial). A capella recordings are also welcome.
  • Once you complete the recording you can email or upload the song as an mp4.

Recording guidelines:

  • Aim for clarity of text
    The goal is for listeners to be able to understand the lyrics easily. Whatever version of the lyrics you select need to be word for word in the recording so that listeners can follow along exactly.
  • Simple performance
    This can be accomplished by minimal instruments and voices (a single accompanying instrument or a capella). This is not primarily a performance but an educational resource.
  • Easy to sing along
    Tempo must be flowing. Sing faster than you think you should. Hymns should not drag.

Contact us below if you would like to consider recording for Hymns at Home. We have a list of hymns we would like to record but are also open to receive recordings of any public domain hymns.


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